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Alala will toast 10 years of business in downtown Columbia with a TEA honoring all of South Carolina's cancer survivors, co-survivors and those that have helped Alala get to this point, Sunday August 7th from 3-5pm at 3400 Harden St. Ext, Columbia, SC.

Wear your best hat and connect with Kim, Sherry, Lisa, Jackie, Felicia, and Kathy on their mission to make the world a better place.

These Girl Scouts want you to join in the celebration that continues August 8-12 from 10a-4p for deep discounts and, of course, door prizes. Vendors are lining up to answer your questions. Each day of the week Alala will celebrate a different segment of post surgical life:

8/8/16 Mastectomy Monday - breast prosthetics and mastectomy bras will be priced to clear space for the new fall colors and styles.

8/9/16 ‘To Pump or Not to Pump' Tuesday - see first hand what a sequential pneumatic pump looks like and how it might be able to help your slow healing wound, control unbridled lymphedema or reduce local swelling

8/10/16 Wound Care Wednesday - Check out the latest in compression garments for day and night wear, along with deep discounts (sorry, no insurance filings on the sales)

8/11/16 Therapist Thursday - if your name badge shows therapist (technically, aren't we all) stop by from 10:30 - 2pm for a free Nacho Bar to honor your dedication and hard work!

8/12/16 Free for All Friday - Where anything (and everything) must go. A decent offer will be considered to help us get to Atlanta for Medtrade so we can bring back even more amazing ways to help you SC!

Midlands Gives!

5/2/17 Alala Cancer Society will be participating in the annual Midlands Gives Fundraiser. This is a HUGE opportunity for us to raise fundsd so that we can continue to help under and uninsured patients across South Carolina!